Winter Vegetables Still Available – January 2013

We are happy with the way our vegetables have kept thus far and are also happy to be able to continue offering them to local restaurants and to anyone brave enough to make the trip down our road to the farm! At this point, you are welcome to put together your own selection of vegetablesContinue reading “Winter Vegetables Still Available – January 2013”

Fall Harvest Baskets Available throughout November!

We have had a great first full season here at Fiddle Foot Farm and are now enjoying the fall bounty of vegetables.  We still plan on offering a Winter CSA in future years, but this requires a large root cellar, which we were not able to construct this season. As a result, we will notContinue reading “Fall Harvest Baskets Available throughout November!”

A Spring that feels like Summer

Ready or not, things are growing! We were already excited about the coming season, and then we had a week of weather in the twenties during which to start our first seedlings and finish constructing a small greenhouse attached to the house.  It’s definitely strange weather, but ideal for what we’ve been up to! Here’sContinue reading “A Spring that feels like Summer”

What do Farmers do in the Winter?

The quiet of winter has, at last, settled over the farm. Winter is the time of year when we take the chance to breathe in.  We read and research, we meet with other growers, we attend workshops and conferences, we plan for the upcoming season and reflect on the one that has passed.  We look backContinue reading “What do Farmers do in the Winter?”