We have landed

We are happy to have landed in the hills of the Boyne River Valley at Fiddle Foot Farm.  We started, when we arrived in June, by ploughing up a section of field for a vegetable garden, then made a home for two calves who arrived in early August.  We have made several trips back to Whole Village Farm (where we have been growing vegetables since 2008) to tend and harvest our garlic and onion crops which are now curing in the barn at Fiddle Foot Farm.  We are selling some produce this season at the Rosemont Farmers’ Market on Fridays 2-7pm (across from the Globe Restaurant).  It has been a summer of full days, but we are very excited getting to know this new property and seeing all of its potential.

“If agriculture is to remain productive, it must preserve the land, and the fertility and ecological health of the land; the land, that is, must be used well.  If the land is to be used well, the people who use it must know it well, must be highly motivated to use it well, must know how to use it well,must have the time to use it well, and must be able to afford to use it well.  Nothing that has happened in the agricultural revolution of the past fifty years has disproved or invalidated these requirements, though everything that has happened has ignored or defied them.” – Wendell Berry

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