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WELCOME to the Fiddle Foot Farm Online Marketplace! 

PLEASE NOTE: The Online Store host server is experiencing “higher than normal traffic” – If the store doesn’t work for you, try refreshing your page and failing that, try again in 20 minutes. If you still have trouble, call or email your order and we’ll help you sort it out. Thanks for your patience!

Please read the information below about our schedule and tips for placing an order. Then, you can scroll down to find our store.

We find ourselves navigating a very concerning time right now, as the world faces an ever-changing health challenge.  We believe that, as a local organic farm business, we can play an essential service role in providing our community with food that will help us all support good health and well being.

We understand the seriousness of the current global and local situation and are committed to taking great care in making sure that our food is safe for our customers. Our family and our crew are all in good health. We are all very mindful of recommended social distancing and health and safety measures while receiving, packing and delivering produce. We ask that you work with us on ensuring everyone’s safety.

With the closures of local restaurants, our pick-up locations are uncertain at this point.  But regardless, farm pick-up will be an option on a WEEKLY BASIS on Thursdays.  We will also temporarily make home delivery available EVERY OTHER WEEK in Orangeville and Creemore at a small fee.

Safety at Farm Pick-Up: We ask that you bring your own bags/bins to transfer the produce that is packed for you.  Please maintain a safe distance from other customers who may be there at the same time. Before each pick-up, we will send out a Doodle poll for you to select a pick-up window within our 2pm-7pm pick-up time to help manage the traffic.

Safety for Home Delivery: We are still experiencing below zero temperatures, and so recommend using a cooler to prevent your ordered food items from freezing. So… please leave a cooler (ideally) or bin outside your house in a location that you specify in the comments / notes on your order. We will transfer items into your bin.

Upcoming HOME DELIVERY DATES: April 9, April 23

Upcoming FARM PICK-UP DATES: April 9, 16, 23 & 30

Orders must be placed by Monday at 9pm for Thursday delivery & pick-up.


  • Enjoy browsing the store. Once you choose to place an order, please Create an Account using your FULL NAME or business name.
  • Choose your Location from the dropdown menu (or nearest town)
  • Minimum Order: Your order will only be placed if you reach these minimums:
    • For PICK-UP at Farm $20 minimum. There will be a $5 packing fee applied to orders under $100
    • For HOME DELIVERY (temporarily available in Orangeville and Creemore area) $50 minimum + $10 delivery fee
  • Payment: We prefer you to WAIT UNTIL WE HAVE SENT YOU AN INVOICE, just in case we need to make changes while packing your order. We accept cheque, cash and e-transfer to fiddlefootfarm@gmail.com
  • You can view your orders online and request changes if necessary
  • Any other questions? Check out this helpful Buyers Guide or get in touch by email or by phone and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Our neighbours have 100% grass-fed beef.  $9/lb ground beef and $10/lb mixed cut bundles (steaks, roasts, ribs, ground, stewing beef). 
Call or text Rebekah at 519-766-9090 to order.  If you place an order for beef and veggies, let Rebekah know that and we can coordinate delivery.  On-farm pick-up at Fiddle Foot Farm is an option regardless.

Our friends at Bennington Hills Farm have pasture-raised chicken, lamb and some beef. Visit their website to complete an order form. If you are also ordering vegetables, we can co-ordinate delivery / pick-up. If you are not ordering vegetables, consider picking up your order from their farm.