Pasture-Raised, Organic Pork – SOLD OUT for 2015

Over the past few years, we have enjoyed raising pigs on pasture on the farm.  They are a great complement to a vegetable farm, always happy to receive any vegetables we have to spare!  This year, their pasture was in a section of the farm along a fence-line under the trees.  We really enjoy having them here, getting to see them eat pasture, roll and lay in puddles or in the sun, root about for insects, chase each other around, and enjoy vegetables from the garden. This year’s pigs were also treated to skim milk on occasion, from our milk cow Amethyst.

The pigs we raised this year are different from the breed we have raised in the past.  They are a Berkshire / Tamworth / China Poland cross.  Along with grass, insects, and vegetables, we have been feeding the pigs Certified Organic, non-GMO feed.  We are also treating them to apples.


If you are interested in purchasing pork, here are your options:

Option #1: 

20-25 lb mixed cut bundles – $8.00 /lb. 

  • Cuts vary per box, but generally include smoked ham, roast, pork chops, sausage, bacon, ground pork, and possibly ribs.  All meat will come frozen and requires 1-1.5 cubic feet freezer space.

Option #2:

Side (Half pig) – $5.50 /lb. based on hanging carcass weight, which typically ranges between 70-90 lb per half.  Hanging weight includes bones, so you will receive less than this amount of cut meat and will therefore be paying more than $5.50/lb for the meat that you receive.

  • Requires approximately 3 – 4 cubic feet of freezer space.
  • You decide how you would like the meat cut (steaks, hams, sausage, ribs, bacon, ground pork, etc.) and any curing / smoking that you would like done (some additional charges will apply).  We would be happy to help you with your options with this.
  • Please note: Butchering instructions for side orders need to be provided to Amy at Fiddle Foot Farm by November 1st for pick up on the 16th or by November 15th for pick up on the 30th.

We will accept orders for both bundles and halves on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please place your order by replying to this email.

We ask for a $100 deposit for a Side (cash, cheque or e-transfer to to secure your order.  Remaining payment will be collected when you pick up your pork at the farm on your pick-up day.  No deposit is required for a bundle.


When you place your order, we will let you know which pick-up day to come.

Pick-Up Day #1: Monday November 16th

Pick-Up Day #2: Monday November 30th

We will send you more specific details closer to the pick-up date regarding time and logistics to those who order meat.  It is important to us that you can make it on the specified day as the meat will be frozen and our freezer space is limited.  If you cannot make it, consider sending someone in your place.

Please be in touch if you have any questions.

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