Champions of Local Food

We are fortunate to have several dedicated champions of local food in our community.  Over the past year, we have connected with the Education, Literacy and Access committee of the HFFA (Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance).  We have enjoyed opportunities to visit schools and help to deliver workshops on local food and farming as well as supply vegetables for various school initiatives, such as a “Growing Home” Local Food Club where families purchase monthly deliveries of local foods and special educational days featuring specific vegetables.
Roasting BeetsRecently, the Primrose Elementary School Eco-Club celebrated Beet Day!  Students learned all about beets – different varieties, nutritional information and they had the chance to try out some recipes (Roasted Beets & Beet Hummus).  Apparently, teachers reported a “feeding frenzy” when it came time for the Grade 7 & 8 students to taste what they had made.
Beet Hummus


When gratitude was expressed by an organizer for “growing awesome beets”, my response was that it is a pleasure when we see them being put to such great use!

What an incredible learning opportunity for students, appealing to all of their senses, empowering them with food skills and the appreciation for healthy AND delicious food.  Beet Day sure beats (or should I say beets!) Pizza Day and Hot Dog Day!

Beet Display Board

Kids know real food when they taste it – they just need more opportunities to engage with it and give it a try!

Keep up the great work, we love what you’re doing!

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  1. Great program. TO needs their board to do this. Having said that, a great farmers garden at the high School across the street from my college and they run a market once a week, which looks successful, but small! Good for you to be participating.

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