Joining our Winter CSA is the best way to access a reliable, fresh, delicious selection of our best winter vegetables throughout November – February!

Pick-Up in Orangeville, Shelburne and at our farm in Mulmur!

At Fiddle Foot Farm, our goal is to produce and provide fresh, local, organic vegetables throughout the fall and winter months.  We have a great selection of vegetables and are confident that we have adequate supply to last you until the end of February.  Slowly but surely, we are extending the availability of locally grown, organic produce!  This year, we dedicated close to 2 acres of garden to growing storage vegetables to keep through the winter months.  Some of our storage crops are only now coming out of the ground (carrots, beets, celeriac, radish, kohlrabi, turnip) while others were harvested during the summer months (onions, garlic, squash).

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in registration for our Winter CSA and customers using our online ordering option. We have decided to focus our efforts on our Winter CSA and Online Store and will NOT be vendors at the Winter Farmers’ Market in Orangeville again this winter. If you have regularly shopped from our booth at the Winter Market in the past, we encourage you to either join the Winter CSA or get acquainted with our online store. We have adjusted our winter schedule to accommodate an increased capacity for the Winter CSA and to offer weekly orders on our Online Store. Orders can be picked up from the farm or from Trattoria Semplice in Orangeville or from Shelburne Auto & Cycle in Shelburne on Thursday afternoons. If you are new to our online store, we will be happy to help you get comfortable with it – call Amy (tech support!) at 519-925-3225.


In the winter, members of our CSA program enjoy a regular delivery of produce from the farm.  One of the obvious differences between a Summer or Fall CSA and a Winter CSA experience is that the vegetables will not be as varied throughout the winter.  However, we do what we can by growing a diversity of crops and sourcing some of what we don’t grow from other Ontario Organic farms.

Our Winter Crops Include:

Onions – Red & Yellow
Beets – Red, Golden, Chioggia (candy cane), Rainbow, baby
Squash – Delicata, Brulee, Acorn, Butternut
Carrots – Rainbow & Orange, baby
Green Kale
Salad Mix, weather permitting (arugula, claytonia, lettuce) 
Cabbage – Green and Napa
Turnips – Hakurei, Purple Top, Golden
Watermelon Radish
Potatoes – we grew lots of our favourite specialty varieties this year (ie. German Butterball & Fingerlings!)

Purchased Crops Include:
We also plan to source some items from other Ontario organic farms to add diversity:
Sweet Potato (we don’t grow since they require more heat than we get)
Potatoes – Yellow, Red, Russet
If we run out of our own supply of a crop, we will purchase more when possible.

You might notice that there are fewer farms offering Winter CSA shares than there are Summer or Fall CSA shares!  It requires a lot more planning, and is hard work in the cold!  A Winter CSA requires proper storage for vegetables in winter and therefore greater infrastructure; there is inevitable loss while vegetables are in storage, which requires planned overproduction; and heating costs for storage and workspace are greater. 


Shares will be given every two weeks from early November until mid-February.  Since each share is intended to last you two weeks, they will include a greater quantity of vegetables than a summer or fall share.  All of these veggies store very well.  All root vegetables are stored in their soil to preserve freshness and flavour.  We typically wash and pack vegetables 1 or 2 days before you receive your share.  The taste difference compared to what you find in the grocery store is very noticeable!

A typical HALF share might include:

3 lb potatoes
2 lb carrots / beets
2 lb onion or 1/2 lb garlic
1-2 squash / cabbage / celeriac
1.5 lb parsnip / turnip / kohlrabi / radish
1/4 lb spinach or 1 bunch kale *

* Weather permitting, we expect to have salad greens, spinach and kale in some shares at the beginning and in the case of spinach, also towards the end of the shares


Delivery Fee:  If you choose to have your share delivered to Orangeville or Shelburne there will be an additional $25 delivery fee for the season.  There is no additional charge if you choose On-Farm Pick-up.

For 16 weeks (8 shares) of seasonal, locally grown vegetables, the cost is:

Half Share: $280 + $25 Delivery Fee (waived for Farm Pick-Up)

Full Share:  $530 + $25 Delivery Fee (waived for Farm Pick-Up)

NOTE – by choosing a Full share, you save $30!

While full payment upon sign-up is our preference, we accept payment in instalments if necessary (i.e.. Half the amount on sign-up and the remainder on Dec. 15th).

We are offering delivery to Shelburne and Orangeville provided a minimum of 6 members sign up in each location.


Winter share pick-ups will take place every other week starting in November. Once registration is complete, we will send you your pick-up dates. You will either receive your first share on November 3rd for some members and on November 10th for others, and every other week thereafter.


On-Farm Pick-Up, Thursdays – 2:00pm – 7:00pm (no additional delivery charge)

Shelburne, Thursdays – Shelburne Auto & Cycle (713 Industrial Rd), 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Orangeville, Thursdays – Trattoria Semplice (20 Dawson Rd), 2:00pm – 5:00pm

We have developed a very nice selection of items on our online store. In addition to our vegetables, you will find our prepared foods when available (cilantro chutney, hot sauce, sauerkraut, pickles) and a variety of locally sourced foods (organic cheese, butter, yogurt, honey, maple syrup).

How to use the Online Store as a CSA Member?
Make use of our new online store to:
1) Order items you would like in addition to your Winter CSA share, or
2) Place an order during the week between your Winter CSA shares. 
*Packing and delivery fees are waived for CSA members on the week that you receive a CSA share! CHECK OUT the ONLINE STORE!

We will continue to use our cloth produce bags for the 2022 Winter CSA to minimize the use of plastic. We will ask that you leave the cloth bags behind when you collect your share (ie. transfer all items into your own bags/bins/boxes).

We will wash the bags between every use. If you are not comfortable with re-usable cloth bags, then we encourage you to order vegetables from us through our online store instead of the CSA. Online store orders will continue to be packed in plastic and paper bags.

We anticipate a high demand for the Winter CSA this year.  Members will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Complete and submit our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.  


Option A – E-Transfer
Send an e-transfer to 

Option B – Bring Cash or Cheque to the Farm or Market

Option C – Mail Cheque
Make cheque payable to Fiddle Foot Farm and send to the following address:

Fiddle Foot Farm
796530 3rd Line E
Mulmur, ON
L9V 0H4