Pastured Livestock

We are enjoying the opportunity to work closely with a variety of animals here at Fiddle Foot Farm.  Each one brings its own character and teachings to the farm and to those who work with them.  If you are interested in purchasing meat from us (available each fall), please email us to be added to our contact list to find out more.



First, in 2008, we started working with Milking Shorthorn Cattle.  They have taught us about pasturing, composting manure, milking and calving
among many other lessons.  We are most grateful for the role the cows play on the farm in producing rich manure which we compost to use in the vegetable gardens.  Dixie, Penny, Lily, Popper and Dark Star were joined by Dapphire and Layla, two growing calves born in 2013. And in 2015, we welcomed Amethyst, a Guernsey cow.


We have always been curious about working with pigs and seeing them on pasture.  In 2012, we brought 6 young weaners to the farm and enjoyed working with them and being able to offer our members delicious pork.  We have continued to raise 10-12 pigs every year since.

DSCN2399We have raised Large Black, Tamworth and Berkshire crosses, all breeds well-suited to living outside and rooting around in green pastures.
We have a great time getting to know pigs and their curious ways.  They teach us patience and bring laughter to the farm on many occasion.

In the fall, we offer Pastured Pork, for sale in 25 lb. mixed-cut bundles or half pigs.  Stay tuned for pre-ordering information.


DSC_0167What farm is complete without the daily pronouncement of a rooster?  Since 2012, we have had a flock of laying hens. We feed our chickens certified organic feed and an assortment of vegetable scraps as well as fresh pasture, where they can find all sorts of insects to eat.  CSA Members have the option to purchase a weekly instalment of eggs to accompany their vegetables.  We also raise chickens for meat.  We house them in  “Chicken Tractors”, providing them with a patch of fresh grass each day. We are amazed to see the positive impact they have on our pastures.  These chickens are also fed certified organic feed and provided with fresh pasture on a daily basis.  Pasture-Raised Chicken will be for sale from the farm in the fall – stay tuned for pre-ordering information.
At this time, we do not have any beef for sale directly from Fiddle Foot Farm, but we are very happy to recommend our neighbouring farm “Toad Hole Farm”.  Niels Pearson and his family raise a herd of grass-fed beef cows.  Visit their website to find out more.

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