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We recognize that a CSA membership does not suit everybody’s needs and yet it is a critical component of our farm business because of the advanced financial support and reduced speculation it offers to us.

However, if you would still like to provide advanced financial support for produce that you will purchase through our new Online Market or at either of our Farmers’ Market tables (Orangeville & Toronto Brickworks), then we encourage you to consider buying Market Bucks.

Easy to use!  Each purchase will draw down from your account balance.

There are two ways to use Fiddle Foot Farm Bucks!


Maybe the CSA doesn’t suit you?  Maybe you often can’t make it to our Farmers’ Markets? Or maybe you are already a CSA member but wish you could order additional items?

We have a solution for you…

We have launched an online marketplace where you can place an order from a list of products that we will update weekly.  We will harvest for you and deliver to one of our pick-up locations or markets or you can pick up right from the farm.



You can also use your Market Bucks to shop cash-free at our Farmers’ Market stand!

How to Purchase Market Bucks:

You can sign up for Market Bucks using the form below.  Indicate the dollar amount you wish to purchase (minimum of $100).  Payment can be made by e-transfer or cheque mailed to the farm or cash in person at market or farm.  Once received, we will credit your account with that amount.  When you come to our market table in either Orangeville or Toronto, you can shop cash-free and we’ll deduct your purchase from your account.  You can add money to your account at any point. Your account lasts until you run out or until the end of December 2019 when you can buy storage vegetables or donate unused funds to the Community Share Fund.

CSA vs Market Bucks:

The flexibility of Market Bucks allows you to come to the market or shop online when it suits you and purchase whatever you want.  While Market Bucks offer you this flexibility of choice, you will be limited to what we have available, rather than the weekly diversity included in a CSA share.  For online orders, there will be a $20 minimum order and you will be charged a $5 convenience / packing fee.  The CSA will remain the most economical option.  We will continue to prioritize our CSA members with the first of certain items (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, etc.), or if there is a limited supply of a particular crop.  Both options (CSA & Market Bucks) provide up-front financial support to our farm, allowing us to invest with confidence in planting our crops.

Can’t Decide? Do Both!  

CSA Members can also shop online using Market Bucks to add to their weekly share without needing to place a $20 minimum order. Example: If you love cherry tomatoes or are having company and want extra veggies.


Questions?  Email us at

Sign Up For Farm Bucks

Please send payment by e-transfer to

Or mail a cheque to:

Fiddle Foot Farm

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