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We have had a great first full season here at Fiddle Foot Farm and are now enjoying the fall bounty of vegetables.  We still plan on offering a Winter CSA in future years, but this requires a large root cellar, which we were not able to construct this season. As a result, we will not be able to store vegetables into the winter months.

If you are feeling the natural urge at this time of year to stow away food for the fall and winter and your local Farmers’ Market has ended, you are in luck! Here at Fiddle Foot Farm, there are still plenty of delicious vegetables growing in our gardens. We just need to find a way of getting these vegetables to you!

Our Fall Harvest Baskets is a way to extend the market season both for you and for us.  Fall Harvest Baskets are different from our CSA program in that you can order just one if that is all that you need.  There is no commitment to pick up a basket each week.  Place an order for a basket for whenever you would like one.

WHAT? (Revised List – slightly different than the photo)

Regular – $40 Deluxe – $80
5 lb carrots 10 lb carrots
2 lb hakurei turnip 3 lb hakurei turnip
5 lb yellow onions 5 lb yellow onions
5 lb potatoes 10 lb potatoes
2 lb red onion 3 lb red onion
1 lb garlic 2 lb garlic
3 lb squash
2 lb parsnip

Regular Basket – $40

Deluxe Basket – $80












WHEN? Baskets will be available on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting Oct 27th until the supply runs out!  Orders must be placed at least two days before pick-up, but the sooner the better to give us a sense of demand.  We will send this email weekly as a reminder.

WHERE? Fall Harvest Baskets can be collected:

  1. In Orangeville on Saturday mornings (+ $5 delivery fee)
    • Between 9:30 – 11am in the STAPLES parking lot
  1. At Fiddle Foot Farm (directions on our website) on:
    •   Tuesday afternoons (3 – 7 pm, or by appointment)
    •   Saturdays (2 – 4pm, or by appointment)

Custom Orders: 

In addition to (or instead of) a Fall Harvest Basket, you can place an order for any individual items on the list below.  Please note, we are asking that orders be made in 5 lb. increments.

Vegetable Quantity – order in increments of: Price (for 5 lb) Storage Recommendations
Carrots 5 lb $10.00 0-2℃, 90-100% humidityIn a bag in the fridge if you don’t have a root cellar
Hakurei Turnip 5 lb $10.00
Potatoes 5 lb $7.50
Fingerling Potatoes 5 lb $10.00
Onions 5 lb $7.50 0-2℃, 65-75% humidityIn a paper bag or mesh bag in a cool basement or garage
Shallots 5 lb $10.00
Garlic 5 lb $35.00


Simply send us an email, providing us with the following information (we suggest you cut and paste this list and fill it in):

1) Pick-up Date

2) Pick-up Location (On-Farm or Orangeville)

3) Size of Basket (Regular or Deluxe)

4) Number of Baskets

5) Custom Order (if you choose this option)

6) Payment Option (cash or cheque made out to Fiddle Foot Farm)

Should you have any questions or need for further clarification, please be in touch with us by email ( or by phone (519-925-3225).  If you know anyone who might be interested in this opportunity, please let them know.

Thank you,

Amy & Graham

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CSA Registration is Open

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share registration for the 2012 season.  For more information and to find the 2012 Registration Package, please see our CSA Page.

Prior to our move, as many of you know,  we provided CSA shares from 2008 – 2010 at Whole Village Farm (near Orangeville). Last season we took a year off from running the CSA in order to prepare for the 2012 season.  We are both very excited to be developing Fiddle Foot Farm over the coming years in order to continue providing our local communities with a diversity of healthy and sustainable food choices.  We are  looking forward to reconnecting with past CSA members and making new connections with those we have met since our move.

Looking out at the white landscape and falling snow, imagining CSA baskets filled with the colours and tastes of mid-summer…

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